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Useful Resources

Useful websites and tools to learn Chinese

Chinese Study Tools

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Chinese dictionary
You can directly type Chinese characters or spelling, for example: “han”; “han4″; “han yu”; “han4 yu3″.
Basic Chinese Grammar

How to write Chinese characters
Knowing just 1,000 Chinese characters will enable you to understand approximately 90% of written communication. With 2,500 you’ll understand around 98% of written Chinese, and knowing all the 4000 we have listed on these page will enable you to understand virtually 100%. With that, even a native Chinese would be considered literate.

This is a very useful website with animation to help you to learn how chinese construct the characters!

About your memory

You’ve got a good memory – but you might not be getting the best out of it. Your brain can soak up new information easily, if you go about it the right way.
Learn how to make your revision as effective as possible. And then master some amazing techniques that make memorising lists, numbers and even names and faces a piece of cake.

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Study in China with our affiliate school

If you want to learn Chinese in Beijing, Shanghai or in a Chinese immersion course , LTL offers small group and 1-on-1 classes, as well as homestays, shared apartments, airport pick-up and a fun student community for anyone who wants to go to China for an intensive Mandarin course.