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Conversational Mandarin Courses

This is a unique program specially designed and developed for people going to mandarin-speaking countries and who would like to be able to speak and understand Mandarin for both serious and fun reasons.

The Personal Auditory System (PAS) is used in these lessons for an accelerated outcome in the skills of listening and pronunciation. PAS is the brainchild of Dr Moni Stora and Jeffrey Lai, a unique system derived from the Accelerated Learning Model of language training. PAS is based on the premise that people have an internal ear uniquely their own and therefore how they process auditory stimuli can vary from individual to individual. What they hear, process and then spell is uniquely their own. In this way, students receive, retain, retrieve and repeat (the 4 P’s of Accelerated Learning) the sounds they hear more effectively. Using PAS, the Pin Yin system (Romanised phonetic Chinese) can be bypassed in learning how to speak Mandarin.
The courses are based on 10 lessons of 2 hours duration each and are held in the city venue.
Private company or group classes can also be arranged.
Current timetables for Conversational Mandarin Courses.
For the futher detailspricing or an enrolment form email us to info@eccschinese.com

Conversational Mandarin Club

This is a new class for our students and friends.  Why do we call it a club - well we are throwing this evening session to not only our students but also to their friends and family.  We are starting with for students who have done Level 1 with us.  They can bring their friends or family to this class, this is to give them a chance to practice their conversational skills with others.
The class will have a theme which a teacher will follow.  The teascher will start the class and everyone will contribute to the topic for the first half of the class.  The second half will be a free for all where the class will form groups of similar level and have a conversation amongst themselves.
For further information please email Valli.  Her email address is: info@eccschinese.com
See timetable for start dates.

Chinese characters evolved over time from earlier forms of hieroglyphs

"ACCS have a fun and interactive approach to learning Chinese that makes it easy to learn and keeps you coming back for more. I can't believe how much I've learnt in a such a short period of time. I look forward to the classes every week."
Dominique Gamble

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