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Dedicated, fun and effective, we believe these are the best ways to teach and learn. Beyond the language, our team have direct knowledge and experience of Chinese culture making the experience of studying with us a fully rounded experience. We can even be a useful resource outside the classroom if you are planning a visit to the Orient!

Dr Moni Lai Storz is an Associate of Monash Mt Eliza Business School, Monash University. Dr Storz spent many years researching and experimenting with accelerated learning methods for the teaching and training of a range of subjects - Sociology, Stress Management, Cross-Cultural Communication Skills, Learning Skills, etc. She was the first to apply Accelerated Learning techniques to the teaching of Chinese in Australia and this has been documented in her book Mind Body Power: The Self Help Book on Accelerated Learning (Times Books International, Singapore, 1989, Reprinted 1990, 1993)

Dr Storz claims that accelerated learning techniques have increased her creativity. She is the author of several published works: Notes To My Sisters (Times Books), Artworks of The Soul (GBS), Heaven Has Eyes (Monash Int.) and Switch on Your Mind (Allen & Unwin). Her books can be obtained from our Shopfront. Moni founded this Chinese Centre 14 years ago and is now currently our Academic Director and Principal.

Valli Lai is the Executive Director of ECCS. Originally from Malaysia, she has lived and worked in England for the past 30 years. Trained as and interior designer and with blue chip companies on her list of clients. Her background is in management and marketing. She was previously the director of Ensemble Corporation, a highly successful company specialising in corporate interiors. Ensemble won the Inner City award in 2002. She has a passion for self-development and has spent years exploring the subject. Her interest in Chinese culture and her belief in the potential of accelerated learning techniques is what made her start the ECCS centre in London. She continues to manage and direct ECCS in all of its activities.


Jennifer Li was born and raised in Scotland. She graduated with a Bachelors degree in Scottish Law. She came to London in 2007 and has recently completed her conversion into English Law. She speaks and writes Cantonese and has taught the language for five years. In the past, Jennifer has helped prepare students for GCSE and A-Level Chinese. In her spare time she enjoys reading, doing yoga and web design.

Yan Min comes from Suzhou and is currently doing his Doctorate degree in Law at Kings College of London. He has been in the UK for two years. He has a real passion for teaching and is an energetic speaker. He is interested in ancient Chinese philosophy and is happy to share this with his students.


Hong was born in Beijing, China. She has a diversity of work experience in film, theatre, arts and media, as well as being an accredited  translator and interpreter.  As a film industry professional, she has worked with some world renowned filmmakers like John Woo and Christopher Doyle. She has also worked with several UK-China arts &culture partnership projects from 2005 to 2008, starting off as a translator and then a Project Manager.  As well as teaching at ECCS, she is a researcher, film editor, assistant director and video artist.

Joanna Rong

Joanna Rong graduated from Beijing University with a Bachelor Degree in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language and Master Degree in International Finance. She worked in a multinational company and lived in different countries. Shehas returned to her first passion - teaching Mandarin and all the topics of Language Acquisition and Communication between Cultures, and would like bridge the world of Chinese Language and Culture and the students.


Clara is currently a master student, studying classical music performance at the Goldsmith College, University of London.  She was born in Hong Kong and studying there until 2004.  Since then, Clara started her A-level education in the UK. During her three-year degree course, Clara was a Chinese teacher at the Norfolk Chinese Communication Association Chinese School.  There she earned the experience of teaching students from different nationalities, age group and standards. 

Jingyi Wang comes from Shandong Province, China. She achieved her LLB degree in Economic Law from East China University of Political Science and Law in Shanghai in 2009. In the same year, she started her study in UK. She undertook a LLM in Taxation at King’s College London in 2009/10.  Now, she is doing her MPhil/PhD project in King’s College London from October 2010.

Yvette Zhang is from Beijing.  She has a MSc in Logistics, Trade and Finance from Cass Business School in 2004, Yvette has obtained a variety of work experience in different industries, including Telecoms, Hospitality and Manufacturing. She has always had passion for teaching and culture exchange. With her adventurous and easy going personality, she makes students learning interesting and enjoyable.

Ian Teh is the Director of ECCS. He grew up in the UK and graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from Bath University. Based in London he currently works as a photographer. His major photographic projects have been about social and environmental issues in China. Ian's photographs have been featured in international publications such as Time, Newsweek, The New Yorker and The Independent Magazine. He was part of the World Press Masterclass, in 2001 and was finalist for the HSBC Foundation for Photography Prize in 2004. He was awarded first prize for the 2009 SOPA Awards and also received a high commendation for the 2009 Prix Pictet See his work on http://www.ianteh.com. With his past experience and interest in China, Ian has recently joined ECCS to manage and develop the centre in its activities.



Chinese characters evolved over time from earlier forms of hieroglyphs

"ACCS have a fun and interactive approach to learning Chinese that makes it easy to learn and keeps you coming back for more. I can't believe how much I've learnt in a such a short period of time. I look forward to the classes every week."
Dominique Gamble



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