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Enrol in our Mandarin Classes to study Chinese in London

3 Easy Steps

Step 1:
You will need an enrolment form from us which can be found in the latest newsletter (Connections). You can obtain this pdf and enrol by downloading the form here and then emailing it to us at info@eeasylearning-chinese.co.uk or call us on 07711 005 068 or 020 7987 6659 if you need help.

Step 2:
You can pay by cheque or online banking.
We can also accept bank transfers (BACS) into our bank account but you need to make sure that your name is included in the bank transaction so we know that you have paid. It is best to let us know first that you are enrolling and that you intend to pay by bank transfer into our bank account.

Step 3:
You can then return the form to us via post (if paying by cheque or money order). Or, if you are paying by bank transfer, you can email us the enrolment form. We will then provide you with our bank details for making the payment.

Your enrolment will be confirmed by us via an email to you in no less than 2 working days upon receipt of your enrolment details.

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