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Business Chinese Training for Corporates

If your company is thinking of investing in Chinese language training, our business course would be really suitable. We offer a powerful and versatile Chinese language-learning solution to organisations of every size.

We use Accelerated Learning Methods which helps develop a new language quickly and effectively, opening up a wealth of overseas business opportunities and cementing existing international relationships. Improved connections with your workforce, customers and suppliers will give you an unbeatable head start over the competition, leading to faster growth and a healthier presence in the world market.

We can bring our classes to your offices. All that you need to do is provide us a meeting room in your premises. Make sure it has a projector or an audio-visual system and we will do the rest. You’ll just save on travel times.

We are the first to use Accelerated Learning Methods to teach Mandarin speaking and writing. Our classes are fun and easy. You will learn to read and write 400 words in ten weeks (20 hours). To achieve the same level using traditional teaching methods you will need at least 9 months of studying. Also available are 1 hour classes, where you will learn 200 words in ten weeks (10 hours). Read more about our Structure of Mandarin Courses.

We also provide Conversational Mandarin Courses. This is a unique program specially designed for in short time learning mandarin-speaking.

For information on fees and to receive a proposal specifically tailored to your language needs, please email info@eeasylearning-chinese.co.uk or call on 075 1586 8987.

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