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Richard Spencer science teacher was shortlisted for the Nobel prize teaching award. Guess what he said he did when he is teaching science – role play, games, dancing etc. He is my hero as this is what teaching is about. This is what I have been saying all along and I wish more will visit this blog page as it will give me more incentive to discuss the matter more and spread the news. Here is the link to read more. http://www.theguardian.com/education/2015/feb/13/uk-science-teacher-shortlist-nobel-prize-teaching


I have listening to people saying how expensive it is to buy a home in London? I hear this from my friends and I ask them why do you have to live in London? Know what their answers are – my friends, my work and things to do in London which is not available outside. I sat down with a friend Tom and these were his answers, When I asked him how often do you see your friends – maybe once a month at most. How often do you go to the museums or art gallery – once a year. How many days a week do you go into the office – twice a week, work most of the time from home.
My question – how many of you out there are in the same place.
Go to Thanet East Kent – Margate, Ramsgate and Cliftonville has so much to offer. Property prices are low, it is 90 minutes to London wonderful sandy beaches, lots of great restaurants locally and schools are great. It is 90 minutes from Kings Cross station and Stratford International. A superb 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms sea views all-round apartment can be bought for £350,000.00.
Please wake up to your dream. Be smart. The properties there will is going up so get in before you loose your chance for a dream home without the London price.



Imagine if your history teacher tells you guys to come to class dressed up as Admiral Nelson or Napoleon and you all re-enact the Batter of Waterloo.

Wouldn’t you look forward to your history lesson.

Too advent-garde for main stream education. Does it matter if the result is your students have learnt you want you them to and have fun whilst learning. Also your students will remember all about the Battle of Waterloo 20 years later.

Teaching is about getting the students to be creative and have lots of funs and laughs whilst learning.

I would say it is magic.


It is not that the teacher is a bad teacher. It is the system which she was trained in that had failed her and her students.
Teaching is not about just imparting information but the students have to be involved or participate. Using accelerated teaching techniques make learning a joy.

Take FOOTBALL for instance. The kids love it because they are actually kicking the ball and they are making decisions in the game which has an outcome.
A football match has 22 players plus and if the families of the players turn up for the games then you have a crowd power. The crowd is participating – giving their instructions to the players. It doesn’t matter if their advice are not taken on board.
Now imagine teaching football in a classroom. The coach giving the players instructions how to play and at the end of one and a half hours of this everyone goes home.
Do you think football will ever be where it is now? NO
Learning is about students involvement, participation, decision making, team bonding and reward (the cup and recognition)


Does our educational system makes our learning experience something we would want to repeat our experience all over again?

I know I will not. I remember in one of my art lessons, I used red and pink in the work I was doing. My art teacher said to me that red and pink should never be used together and I will never make it as an artist. I gave up painting for 20 years. One day I decided to try out my painting skills and with the guidance from a friend I painted a portrait of my dad. Since then I never looked back.


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