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Accelerated Learning Techniques

Recognised by UNESCO as one of the best approaches for the teaching of a foreign language, accelerated learning or suggestopedia is the brainchild of Dr. Georgie Lozanov, a Bulgarian doctor and psychotherapist. When taught with suggestopedic methods, Dr. Lozanov’s students’ learning rate was five times greater compared to normal teaching methods.

Accelerated Learning is an integrated system of learning which stresses that people learn better:

When combining their conscious and unconscious mind
Under conditions of relaxation, pleasure, fun, play & games
When their self esteem is not threatened
When their teachers are knowledgeable about the subject
When the teacher uses a multi-sensory holistic approach (whole brain)

Accelerated Learning Techniques result in better retention and recall of materials. Students’ confidence and motivation also increase as they learn.

What Students will Learn

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