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About Us

Our Mission

To promote teaching excellence in Chinese studies by using Accelerated Learning techniques.
To bring Chinese studies to the European community and educate anyone interested in learning Chinese Mandarin or Cantonese.
To be of assistance to those wanting to learn more about Chinese culture.

Our Teaching Methods

Teaching Chinese Using Accelerated Learning Techniques

— What is it? What does this mean?
This means that lessons are taught in interesting and fun ways with music to encourage the students’ right side of the brain to work with the left. It means that students use their intellect and their feelings to learn by using their conscious and subconscious minds as a team. The learning conditions are relaxing, where the teacher dramatises the lesson with a story written in English specially to link a cluster of elementary characters together to aid students’ memory. This is followed by students conversing in dialogues which are based on vocabulary acquired in the first part of the lesson.

Our History

Established for over 20 years, this Austrasian Centre of Chinese Studies in Melbourne, Sydney and London caters for adult and Children courses in Chinese MANDARIN and CANTONESE language studies using Accelerated Learning. With classes ranging from Beginner to Advance Business Chinese Mandarin lessons, students will learn practical Chinese in the fastest and easiest way possible using a fun and integrated approach. Offering unique short courses in Chinese for business travellers and tourists, this School also provides customised corporate and private tuition and is a division of Global Business Strategies, a leading cross-cultural management training company specialising in Asia Pacific business cultures and languages.

Watch this video to find out all about Dr Moni Storz and how it all started in the early nineties

The European Centre of Chinese Studies (ECCS) is a subsidiary of the Australasian Centre of Chinese Studies and was started in 2004 in London by Valli Lai. This is a result of the hugely successful Centre set up in Melbourne, Australia, 18 years ago. Dr Moni Lai Storz (who was then a senior lecturer at Monash University) brought the learning of the Chinese language, Mandarin, to the Australian community using the revolutionary techniques of Accelerated Learning. Together with a scholar from China, Mr Jian-Guo Luo, Moni developed a series of ‘Chinese using Accelerated Learning Techniques’ (CUALT) modules. In 1994, they held their first ever experimental CUALT class at Ross House, Melbourne, for a group of 29 students. This first class turned out to be a huge success where students found themselves learning Chinese Mandarin with complete ease and having a good time too! It was then that the Australasian Centre of Chinese Studies was born. Since then, over several thousand students have studied Chinese with us over the past few years. Scores of businesses such as Telstra, ANZ Bank, Crown Casino, Cadbury Schweppes have had their executives trained with us for Chinese Mandarin and cross-cultural management and communications.