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Learn Chinese Without Tears in London

Using Accelerated Learning

Studying another language can be an exciting challenge, in the right environment and using the right methods the process is infinitely easier and more fun.

More about Learning Chinese Using Accelerated Techniques…from the people who first created it

We have been teaching Mandarin for 30 years using Accelerated Learning

For more information and an enrolment from email us at info@easylearning-chinese.co.uk

Classes Held at:

Holborn – 4 minutes walk from Holborn station

Limehouse Basin – 3 minutes walk from Limehouse Station and 7 minutes from Canary Wharf


Why are we different – our teaching method and we offer flexibility where others don’t. Miss a class go to another class to catch up the lesson – you don’t have to feel lost just because you missed a class.

Beginners Mandarin Classes

Learn to read and write 400 words in 20 hours. In traditional teaching style you will need one year to achieve the same results

Cantonese Classes

Learn to converse in Cantonese with us very quickly, easily and fun!

Beginners Conversational Mandarin Classes

Just speaking a few words can change your career path or your travel experience.

Business Chinese Training for Corporates

If your company is thinking of investing in Chinese language training, our business course would be really suitable. We offer a powerful and versatile Chinese language-learning solution to organisations of every size.


Teach Chinese Mandarin in your school/office using our Accelerated Learning Trained Teachers; For further information please email info@easylearning-chinese.co.uk or call on 020 7987 6659 or 07711 005 068.

What is Accelerated Learning?

Accelerated learning (A.L.) is the most advanced teaching and learning method in use today. It’s a total system for speeding and enhancing both the design process and the learning processes. Based on the latest brain research, it has proven again and again to increase learning effectiveness while saving time and money in the process.

Want to know more email us and we will email you more information on AL.


For more information or cost on any of the above classes, please email us at info@easylearning-chinese.co.uk

For an Adobe PDF version of our current newsletter (which also has the latest pricing, timetable and enrolment form), email us at info@easylearning-chinese.co.uk

Company Registration Number: 400 1337